Seminars & Workshops


Seminars and Workshops  
Nutrition and PMS  

Having completed her Master’s thesis on “Vitamin B-6 in Prementrual Syndrome” at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, Michelle brings her expertise to this seminar. During this two week group we will address the nutritional aspects of PMS and examine how food, phytochemicals, vitamins, herbs and relaxation techniques can lessen symptom severity and improve energy and vitality for women.

Eating Disorders and Nutrition Education Groups 

We meet every other week and explore the relationship between food, mindful eating and eating disorders. Each session has a different theme and we sometimes go on trips to places like farmers markets, restaurants for food challenges, spice shops, and bookstores. These groups primarily meet at the nutrition office on Church Street.  

Dining Out with ED

This is a social and fun group for those in recovery from an eating disorder who want to go to various local restaurants every other week and join others in recovery.  Various topics are discussed as we explore different local cuisines and connect with others. 


Seminars and Workshops for your school, workplace or private needs are available upon request. Topics include but are not limited to:

  • Chemical Dependency & Nutrition
  • Teen Eating Disorders, Feeling “At-ease” in the “Dis-ease”
  • Becoming Vegetarian and Doing it Healthy
  • Pediatric Nutrition on a variety of topics
  • Nutrition & Aging with Grace
  • Nutrition and Premenstrual Syndrome
  • The Corporate Cafeteria
  • Dining Out with Available Options and Know-How
  • Diabetes and Nutrition Update
  • Gluten Free and Feeling Free
  • Weighting for What.....learning how to feel free in any body size as you journey through your goals for health